Pidgin 25

Spring 2019
Editors’ Note: Correspondences
Memories of Utopia
Anthony Vidler
A Suburban Proposal
Emma Macdonald with photographs by Anna Puigjaner
Reprogramming the Model Home
Brittany Utting
A Conversation
Emma Macdonald and Brittany Utting
Bonpland 2169 Building and La Vecindad; Plaza Mafalda: Details
The Contractor Canon: A Low-fi Speculation on Low-res Architecture
Courtney Coffman
Constituents of Chaos
Julian Harake
Architectural Things: From Verbs to Nouns
Max Kuo
fala atelier
Theory Backfires: Shu Wang’s Post-Structuralist Alternative and a Fictionalized China
Ruo Jia
Our Junk, Their Ruin
Neyran Turan
Below the Surface of These Unliving Husks
Ryan Roark
Tapetito Tapetote and The Machine is Broken!
On Participation
Michael Robinson Cohen, response by Jae Shin
Organic Eviction Machines: Reading the House as a Machine for Crisis through Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
V. Mitch McEwen
It Washes Away
M. Wesam Al Asali and Sofia Singler


Jonah Coe-Scharff, Clemens Finkelstein, Ryan Hughes, José Ibarra, Sheila Lin, Jamie Lipson, Sonia Sobrino Ralston, Anna Renken, and Camila Reyes Alé